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WorldCALL is a worldwide professional association for teachers and educators interested in computer assisted language learning. WorldCALL members are established professional CALL associations from throughout the world. The current members of WorldCALL are: EUROCALL, CALICO, IALLT, CERCLES, CCAQLL/ CELAO, ATELL & LET. To date, WorldCALL has held two major international conferences: the first in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia, and the second in 2003 in Banff, Canada. WorldCALL 2008 will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, and is being organized by LET (the Japan Association for Language Education and Technology)
WorldCALL aims to enhance computer-assisted language teaching and learning in the global community by bringing educators from around the world together.http://www.worldcall.org/about.html

Announcing the WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Awardees

The scholarship committee has reached its final decisions. We had an extremely difficult time deciding the awardees. Many highly qualified applicants had to be turned down purely because of budgetary constraints. Our goal was to decide on individuals who met these criteria:
  • People who have been active in CALL (not just language pedagogy or administration) as evidenced by recent publications, presentations or on-going projects.
  • People who exhibited in their "Statements of Purpose" a clear goal for their attendance at WorldCALL 2008 and a plan to disseminate the knowledge so gained upon their return home.
  • People who represent a wide spectrum of geographical areas, balanced by gender and years of experience. Geographical selection was also, to some extent, determined in proportion to the number of applications from that area of the world.
Congratulations to those who have been selected. At the same time, we thank those who applied and sincerely regret that they, too, could not be included.

Thomas Robb, Ph.D., Chair, WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Committee

The Awardees

Cruvinel Teixeira Alves, Erika
Elramady, Asem Aly Elsaid
Fang, Ying
Fawzi, Hala
Isharyanti, Neny
Izquierdo Mujica, Evelyn de Los Angeles
Kilickaya, Ferit
Lyulkun, Nina
Marandi, Susan
Mo, Jinguo
Quintana, Nelba
Verschoor, Jennifer
Viswanathan, Revathi

The WorldCALL 2008 Conference will bring together experts and practitioners in Computer-Assisted Language Learning from around the world.

Thank you, everyone, for your applications! There were a total of 125 applications by the deadline of 31 December 2007, of which 91 met all submission criteria.
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